It’s Time to Get Back to Peak Performance!

    Makers, and Innovators, and Creators, oh my! Summit 2021 is an event that you will not want to miss!

    This event which typically features a panel of powerhouse speakers followed by a Q&A is going to be more relevant than ever. Our panel of speakers will still be phenomenal of course, but this year the subject matter will a little different. Because this year we’ve taken a departure from our usual theme of scaling up and we are shifting our focus toward recovery. And yes, we still love those stories about entrepreneurs starting multi-million-dollar businesses in their basements and  we hope to get back to those again soon – but after a year that has been really tough for many London businesses, we think its time for some frank discussion about how we as a business community can get back to peak performance, and critically a little bit about what the future might look like.

    Summit 2021 will be a virtual event this year and feature THREE panels each consisting of three speakers in the categories of Makers, Innovators, and Creators.

    This year’s lineup includes:

    Makers’ Panel


    Jason Bates – London Region Manufacturing Council


    David Paterson, GM Canada


    Penny Wise, 3M Canada


    Innovators’ Panel


    Kapil Lakhotia – London Economic Development Corporation


    Ben Huigenbois, BOS Innovations


    Mohammed Ashour, Aspire Food Group

    Creators’ Panel


    Christina Fox, TechAlliance


    Andrew McClenaghan, Northern Commerce


    David Brebner, Mobials





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