• Propel: Moving Business Forward

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    London Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with The Achievement Centre, is launching a new program that will provide programming and coaching for up to 50 small and medium sized businesses that were negatively impacted by the pandemic.

    Propel: Moving Business Forward is a new program designed to help businesses in some of the hardest hit sectors move forward and thrive. 

    A London Community Recovery Network initiative in partnership with the City of London.

    What to Expect:

    • Programming will include a series of six 3-hour in-person workshops (participants may choose from these al a carte depending on their specific needs).
    • Modules will focus on business recovery and some of the most pressing issues that business owners are facing as we emerge from the pandemic including finding and keeping talent, personal productivity and managing stress, and coaching for success.
    • Participants will learn through paced, spaced, multisensory learning - i.e. they will take their learning beyond the workshop setting and be provided with content, audio files, and online interactive modules.
    • Additionally, participants will also be able to receive up to 4 hours of individual business coaching. This will be aimed at helping businesses recover and address specific issues that they are facing - determined in part through data collection and survey tools.
    • Program will have allotted spots specifically for demographic groups most negatively impacted by the pandemic - especially women, but also diverse populations.


    Cost: No cost to participate. This program is made possible by an London Community Recovery Network grant through the City of London.  



    • Small and medium sized businesses in the city of London.
    • If more than 50 applications are received, applications will be chosen based on which businesses are likely to benefit most from the program. 



    • To register click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JYDT5LG
    • Business Coaching may begin as early as August depending on applicants and coach’s schedule. 
    • Workshops start in September 2022 at the London Chamber of Commerce Meeting Centre.