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    Get Noticed Among Other Members When You Sponsor and Advertise with the London Chamber of CommerceThe London Chamber of Commerce is proud to say that it does not sell or make public its membership list, committee lists, event attendee lists, or other contacts in electronic format. This policy is in place to prevent Chamber members from receiving unsolicited messages.

    The Chamber has also included programming to help prevent member emails from being easily harvested from the online Member Directory.

    Instead, to ensure that our members are able to connect to each other and to the business community, the Chamber provides a variety of targeted marketing opportunities so that members can establish relationships and build valuable, long lasting networks.

    This includes organizing dozens of events and seminars each year including Discover Your Chamber,Super Speed Networking and Business After Five.

    Below is a list of marketing and sponsorship opportunities available within the Chamber. For more information on how to get involved and Get Connected, Stay in Touch, visit the events page and/or networking programs page


     E-Newsletter Advertising  Emerging Stronger   Sponsorship Opportunities

    The Voice

    The London Chamber Advocate is the Chamber's monthly print newsletter. It is published and circulated to both members and non-members as part of Business London Magazine.

    usiness London Magazine is southwestern Ontario's most senior and widely-read business publication. Chamber members can access special ad rates for this publication.

    Call Business London Magazine at (519) 471-2907 ext. 229, to purchase ad space in The Voice, or to receive an up-to-date rate card. 

    E-Newsletter Advertising

    Connections Ad

    An ad in the Connections bi-weekly email newsletter, is your chance to advertise directly to all Chamber members. This html newsletter is circulated to all who's who members of the London Chamber every other week.

    • Size limited 165 pixels wide, 267 pixels in height

    There are two contract options available to advertisers (consecutive weeks only)

    1. 13 distributions (26 weeks) at $300.00 +HST
    2. 26 distributions (52 weeks) at $500.00 +HST

    Note: Circulation of approx. 2,400

    Connections Advertorial

    4th Article in Connections can be an advertorial (maximum of one advertorial per issue).

    Includes maximum 200 words

    One photo no more than 175 pixels wide and 233 pixels high

    One link

    Cost: $250 +HST for one issue

    $450 +HST for two issues

    $1200 +HST for six issues

    Wording at bottom:

    This article is a paid advertorial section of the London Chamber's e-newsletter, Connections. For information regarding "Advertorial Rates" contact Kristen Duever at 519-432-7551 ext 24 or email Kristen at: Kristen@londonchamber.com

    Please note the Chamber's policy is to accept no more than one advertorial insert per contract period.

    Must be submitted at least 7 days prior to issue.

    To book an Ad in our Connections bi-weekly eNewsletter Ad. 519-432-7551 ext. 24 

    Emerging Stronger Member to Member Offers


    Emerging Stronger Member to Member Offers: The Details


    Feature your Member to Member offer in our new monthly e-flyer, Emerging Stronger!

    Offers must be "real" offers and incentives for other Chamber members (eg. If offering a free consultation is a standard part of your business, then a free consultation cannot be your offer).

    Advertisers must be able to honour their offer for the full month of the offer or length of contract. 

    Format includes logo or image of your choice no larger than 264x194 pixels, company name, one sentence (up to 10 words) describing the offer, and link or instructions on how to redeem (phone, link, website, in-person etc)

    3 month contract - $180 per month ( total $540 +HST)

    6 month contract - $150 per month (total $900 +HST)

    12 month contract $125 per month (total $1500 +HST)

    Contracts are for consecutive months only however you have the ability to change your offer each month. (If we do not receive a new offer within one week of new e-flyer, we will assume you will be making the same offer again).

    There will be limit of 12 offers per e-flyer. 

    Click here to see a sample e-flyer

    To book your space in our e-flyer call 519-432-7551 ext. 24 or email kristen@londonchamber.com 

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sponsorship opportunities range from financial contributions to donation of space, time, expertise, service and/or physical items. In-kind partnerships in particular provide a distinct opportunity to showcase member firms services and products.

    Chamber programming throughout the year provides many popular and pragmatic sponsorship opportunities for the membership, and member firms have the opportunity to link their names to a variety of events and purposes.

    Regular Event Programs

    In most cases, for regular event programming, only one principal sponsor per series is required, which means that each event in that particular series does not require sponsorship support.

    Major Annual Events

    Each major annual event provides its own unique sponsorship opportunities; the sponsorship tiers per event always crafted carefully by Chamber administration. This formula includes consideration of event objectives, size, overall cost to organize, and other specific event needs.

    In addition, the London Chamber is always interested in partnering with member firms on in-kind sponsorships if it means fellow members will benefit from said partnership.

    For many events, the Chamber has in place a first right of refusal returning year clause and a non-competing clause; quite often you will notice the same principal sponsors return each year. What better proof that event sponsorship provides great return your investment!

    Call 519-432-7551 ext. 30 for the sponsorship details and/or proposals on any one of these events:

    • Business Achievement Awards
    • Agri-Net
    • Past Presidents' Golf Classic