• Display The Chamber Logo

  • Chamber Members! Let London know that you belong to the London Chamber of Commerce. Proudly display the Chamber logo on your website, stationary, trade show booths, vehicle wraps and more. All London Chamber of Commerce members are encouraged to use the logo - just make sure you read the terms first!  


    Using the Chamber Logo - Terms and Conditions

    1. Only current members of the London Chamber of Commerce are permitted the use of logo.
    2. The Chamber logo should only be displayed in the appropriate form, size and color in accordance with identity standards.
    3. The logo and name of the member’s organization should appear more prominent than the Chamber logo on all member-owned marketing materials.
    4. The member will discontinue the use of Chamber logo and will remove it from all the promotional materials, if the membership is terminated.
    5. Upon request from the Chamber, the member should immediately discontinue all use of the Chamber logo.
    6. When using the logo in digital form, the member is encouraged to link the logo back to the Chamber website at www.londonchamber.com


    Below you will find links to obtain a hi-res version of the Chamber logo as well as our identity standards. Should you have questions or require the logo in another format, please email your request to kristen@londonchamber.com


    London Chamber RGB image