• Government Affairs

  • Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
  • CHAIR Carmen Ciurea
    VICE CHAIR David Lyons

    Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, Heather Wright, Stuart Cottrell, Adam Malamis

    VICE-PRESIDENT Vijai Lakshmikanthan
    STAFF LIAISON Kristen Duever, Gerry Macartney
    MEETING TIMES Second Friday of the month at 8:00am



    1. Leverage the knowledge and experience of committee members to achieve the policy goals of the Chamber aligned with the Chamber’s Strategic Plan as per strategic objectives numbers 3 and 4.
    2. Inform and educate Chamber members regarding policy issues and initiatives.
    3. Advocate for Chamber members on issues that develop from Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments.
    4. To maintain a healthy, mutually respectful working relationship with the City of London at both the Political and Administrative levels.


    Strategic Priorities:

    1. Proactively deliver constructive and where possible collaborative public policy statements in the best interests of our members and London’s business community.
    2. Target and act on key public policy initiatives that affect the competitiveness and operational results of our member businesses.
    3. Engage the services of credible experts to assist us in adding to our advocacy effort.
    4. Broker public policy with other like-minded organizations.



    Program Plan:

    A) The committee will produce a minimum of 2 policy papers directed at Federal issues and 2 policy papers directed at Provincial issues. Furthermore, the committee will produce two versions (one for submission and one plain language version for communication with members). Said papers will be submitted to the Chamber’s Board of Directors for review and approval in advance of the deadlines for the annual policy conventions of the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce.  (as per strategic objectives #3 and #4)

    B) The committee will produce a minimum of 2 policy communications directed at the appropriate Municipal office. Said communication pieces will be submitted to the Chamber’s Board of Directors for review and approval in advance of sending. (as per strategic objective #3)

    C) The Committee will monitor the municipal budget and provide recommendations to the City of London at the beginning of each 3-year cycle and on an as-needed basis between cycles. (as per strategic objective #3)

    D) The Committee will oversee the municipal, provincial and federal election online toolboxes in preparation for any scheduled or announced elections.  (as per strategic objectives #3 and #4)

    E) The Committee will monitor the legislative activity of all three levels of government. (as per objective #3)

    F) The Committee, through the offices of the CEO and the President of the Board, will enhance the Chamber’s relationship with Mayor and Council, all area MPPs, MPs, Cabinet Ministers and their Deputies as well as key organizations (eg. AMO and FCM) as appropriate. Furthermore the committee will host MPs and MPPs at meetings/roundtables as the need arises. (as per strategic objective #3)

    G) The committee will seek out educational opportunities by inviting featured speakers (as necessary and appropriate) who will be of interest to the committee and whose expertise will add value to the committee’s issue-specific policy work – this may be considered both a learning opportunity for the committee, as well as an opportunity for the committee to share policy concerns with the speakers. eg Deputy Ministers and experts from the City.  (as per strategic objective #3)