• Ontario Auto Manufacturer Training

    The Ontario government announced on August 3rd that they will be investing $5 million in order to provide free training to 500 people from underrepresented groups for the province's automotive industry. This follows the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s recommendation from their 2022 Provincial Budget Submission that the province provide more training support in high-demand sectors. This is an important policy win for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce network as well as a crucial next step in building up Ontario industry in the automotive sector.


    The program, which is led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA), includes three months of paid jobs placements among the association’s 300+ small and medium sized businesses. The completion of the program also guarantees a job offer from a local employer in the APMA network. Employers who train individuals as a part of this initiative will also be eligible to receive up to $4600 in wage subsidies per trainee. The training in this program will include both in person and online sessions and focus on manufacturing essentials, project management, and troubleshooting within the workplace.


    The introduction of this program highlights the significance of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s budget recommendations as the latest submission included the need for upskilling, training, and diversification within the province. With a focus on future workforce needs and development, the Chamber recommended a program that will “ensure specific skills training support is afforded to those demographic groups disproportionately affected by the pandemic and looking to join or re-enter the labour force.”. The automotive industry in Ontario is a critical driver of our current economy and the current labour market fails to meet the current demands of the industry. This program will help bolster the growing automotive industry in Ontario and ensure that Ontario has a robust and diverse workforce.


    The project is currently underway and will run until March 31, 2023 with funding provided by the Ontario Skill’s development fund which includes more than $200 million for similar programs. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce, as well as the London Chamber of Commerce, thank Premier Doug Ford and Minister Monte Mcnaughton for their work to address labour shortages in this crucial industry for the province.


    For more information on the program, please visit the Ontario website.


    To read the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s full 2022 Provincial Budget Recommendation, please visit the OCC website.