• Municipal Election Survey Results Report

    The London Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a survey in order to gather information on voters’ priorities for the upcoming municipal election. The survey covered all aspects of the municipal election and coincides with the priorities laid out in the Chamber’s municipal election platform. The main categories covered by the platform and addressed in the survey are: City Budget, Climate, Development and Infrastructure, Downtown Revitalization, Poverty Reduction, Population, and Harmonization. The respondents were asked about their positions on these main issues as well as more general information on the direction they would like to see the city go in.


    When asked about respondents' top issues for the election, nearly 47% were most concerned with housing affordability followed closely by downtown revitalization as well as economic development at 38% and 33% respectively. These priorities are also matched when respondents were asked about what the city spending should be aimed at.

    These concerns closely align with the priorities laid out by the Chamber’s election platform with major issues such as the encouragement of building rental units for low income tenants as well as incentivizing new businesses to be placed in London’s core. Respondents also believe that the municipal government is more than capable of making these changes as 54% believed that the municipal government has the most impact on quality of life out of the three levels of government.


    One of the main issues that businesses in London still face is the lack of qualified labour to fill job vacancies. When asked how to best tackle this issue, nearly 60% of respondents said that optimizing transit services so that people without vehicles can get to work would be the best way to attract and retain people. Nearly 57% of respondents also said that ensuring adequate public transportation to industrial areas would be the best way to transform London’s transportation system.

    Again, this aligns with the Chamber’s priorities for the election as we advocate for optimizing transit services and ensuring transportation is available to and from London’s industrial areas.  


    This, along with a vibrant downtown core, will be essential for attracting young professionals that want to stay in the city. When asked about how best to revitalize the downtown core, an overwhelming majority of 66% of respondents said that developing a strategy to address addiction and homelessness would be the best way forward.

    This issue was not only seen in this question, but also in many of the individual responses from other questions. This survey has shown that one of the largest issues for people in London right now is the growing homeless population and seemingly inadequacy of available supports. This is a multifaceted issue that must be addressed at the upcoming election. There is no simple solution, the issue must be addressed from all sides to build a more welcoming core for all and ensure that individuals receive the support that they need. The Chamber’s election platform includes priorities that would target this issue such as incentivizing the repurposing of disused or underused multi-unit and mass-occupancy buildings for affordable housing as well as developing a specific and robust strategy to address homelessness and addiction.


    Finally, respondents were asked if they believed that London was on the right track. A broad question, mostly intended to understand if Londoners are happy with how the city looks and how it plans to look in the future. Almost 57% of respondents said that they believe that the city is on the right track. A slight majority but with 43% of Londoners believing that the city is not on the right track, many people will be expecting some change after the upcoming election.


    The full results of the Municipal Election Survey are available here. 

    To view the London Chamber of Commerce Municipal Election Platform, click here.