• London Chamber Receives Support for Green Transition Paper at National Convention

    Last week, Kristen Duever, VP of Public Affairs at the London Chamber of Commerce attended the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM and Convention in Ottawa. In total, the event was attended by more than 400 participants from over 100 chambers from across the country.

    In addition to several professional development sessions and panel discussions, the event features a policy debate in which local chambers have the opportunity to submit their policy papers for consideration to be included in the Canadian Chamber’s Policy Compendium which are subsequently lobbied to the federal government.

    This year, the London Chamber of Commerce received near unanimous support for its paper entitled “Making Programs and Funding for the Green Transition More Accessible for SMEs”. In this paper, we recommended that the federal government:

    1. Ensure that its green transition programs, funds, bursaries, investments, and supports be put through an SME lens to ensure that the program is well-suited and accessible, for SMEs in its objectives, goals, and outcomes.
    2. Create simple, effective, and templated measurements that SMEs can utilize in their applications for transitional funding.
    3. In programs that support the transitioning of fleets and company vehicles, take into consideration size and capacity to purchase vehicles to ensure SMEs have the same opportunity as larger corporations with large fleets and vehicle arrangements. 
    4. Apply the following considerations for building retrofit programs: 
      • Proportionality in tax breaks or incentives for smaller businesses with less capital for transitional costs
      • Upfront breaks or supports to get projects started with banks or credit unions
      • Additional funding at lower interest rates through banks or credits unions via government backing to exceed the initial retrofit goals
      • Funding provided to municipalities who in turn work with local business owners to incentive retrofits at the local level.
    Kristen Duever