• How We Are Making the Virtual Exhibitor Experience Even Better

    We are now about 10(ish) months into this whole virtual networking thing, and we think we are getting the hang of it! Prior to the pandemic, there seemed to be some question about having events like Virtual Business After Four, so when we had to suddenly pivot and change the way we did things, the London Chamber of Commerce staff, volunteers, and members had to grow together to adopt and learn some new technology. 

    And in terms of getting everybody networking, we think we’ve done a pretty good job! We are using more of the Hopin Platform than we used to for our virtual networking events as we go, and we couldn’t be more excited about its potential. 

    But what about our virtual exhibitors? How do they get a good return for their investment when the event is virtual?

    As it turns out, they need the same ingredients that they would need for an in-person event: connection, value for attendees, and fun. 

    And today more than ever, we are prepared to help facilitate that.


    The last thing that any exhibitor wants at an event (virtual or otherwise) is to be sitting alone in his or her booth with no one to talk to. Talking to people after all is the reason they are there! 
    Recently, the Chamber’s Virtual Business After Four volunteers came up with a strategy to help drive more traffic to exhibitor booths. Now, the first 45 minutes of these events is dedicated exclusively to exhibitors, so when attendees want to network, they must do so at one of the exhibitor booths. One on one networking does not open up until later during the event. 

    This will help to ensure that our exhibitors get the chance to connect with our attendees. 

    Value for Attendees

    This is where as exhibitors, we need your innovative engagement. If you want attendees to remember you and hopefully even connect with you after the event is over, you will want to create a valuable experience for them. 

    Content creation can be a good way to do this. Through the Hopin platform, exhibitors have the option to screen share. Do you have a short video, slideshow, or even a jpeg you’d like to share with attendees?

    Think of a few ways that you can create value and then give it a try! 


    Of course, what is being an exhibitor without creating a bit of fun for those who visit your booth? At in-person networking events, exhibitors would have draw prizes and sometimes even games at their booths. 

    Well, Chamber staff and volunteers have been working to facilitate this as well. At a recent Virtual Business After Four, exhibitors were asked to come up with a question for those who visited their booth.

    At the designated time, attendees could go to the “Sessions” area in Hopin with their answers for a chance to win a prize. 

    And you can be sure that activities like this will continue for future virtual networking events too! 

    With connection, opportunity to provide value to attendees, and some fun activities all in place, we believe we have the right recipe for success for our virtual exhibitors. 

    Still nervous about being a virtual exhibitor? 

    We get it. Being an exhibitor – or even just networking – still feels a bit weird for many people from behind a computer screen. But so did being an exhibitor in person the first time you tried it! 

    And, if it’s the technology you’re worried about, we can help there too. We’ve got some amazing Business After Four volunteers who would be happy to take you through an Exhibitor Training Session
    before you go live as a Virtual Exhibitor! 

    Want to exhibit at our next Virtual Business After Four?  

    If you are interested in being a Virtual Business After Four Exhibitor contact Janie Rother at janie@londonchamber.com.  You must be a Chamber member to exhibit, but don’t worry – Janie can help you out with that too!