• Helping Businesses Stay Open and Stay Safe

    The London Chamber of Commerce in partnership with TechAlliance was proud to administer the StaySafe London program which distributed rapid antigen screening tests to small and medium-size businesses from May of 2021 to March of 2022. 


    This report serves as a recap of the program to explain how the program operated and the results of the program.


    The StaySafe London Program was launched in May 2021 in which the London Chamber of Commerce distributed free of charge rapid antigen screening tests (sourced by the Government of Ontario) to businesses with fewer than 250 employees (businesses larger than this were able to order tests directly through the government website). Appointments to pick up tests at the London Chamber were facilitated through the web portal created by TechAlliance. 


    It was recommended that employers picked up 4 tests per employee to be used twice a week throughout 2021 and then once a week or as needed in 2022 as the testing guidelines changed. The following chart shows the number of tests distributed over the course of the program.

    The number of tests distributed tracked closely with the number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario throughout 2021 and then began to lose some predictability as the program began to face supply chain issues with the tests. Early 2022 saw a sharp increase in the number of tests ordered as we processed the backlog that built up as a result of the halt of the program in late 2021 due to supply issues. By March of 2022, the demand for tests had dropped considerably however, the test distribution remained somewhat steady in an effort to hand out more tests before the program completed on the 31st of March. In total, the Chamber distributed 253,770 tests to local businesses across the span of the program.


    The following chart shows the number of unique organizations that registered to pick up test kits. Organizations were logged when they made their first pick up and any renewals were not counted to the total number of organizations.

    Similar to the test distribution chart, the number of organizations ordering tests followed the number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario until the supply of test kits became less reliable. The drop in demand for tests can be seen in March of 2022 before the program was completed. In total, the Chamber distributed tests to 2,217 different organizations. On average, the Chamber distributed 1,510 tests and saw 13 new businesses every day that the program ran.