• Government Childcare Agreement a Win for Business

    Yesterday, the Governments of Ontario and Canada reached a childcare agreement. This is an important step for our economic recovery and something that the London Chamber of Commerce along with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have been advocating for.

    The current labour shortages are having a significant impact on businesses across all sectors. Facilitating women’s participation in the labour force through more affordable childcare is a critical step and a win for business.

    In a recent Report from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, The She-Covery Project: Confronting the Gendered Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Ontario, it stated that women’s participation in the labour market is a precondition to economic recovery and future prosperity. While childcare had been a challenge for Ontario families long before the pandemic, the crisis had disproportionate impacts on women who took on most of the unpaid care that became necessary as schools and daycares closed.

    The impacts were exacerbated for women with intersecting identities such as racialized women, Indigenous women, single mothers, low-income women, immigrant women, and those living in rural areas. Accessible and affordable childcare will take us closer to an inclusive economic recovery.

    “In order for the agreement to have a real impact for our economy and recovery, it is essential that Ontario’s childcare sector has enough qualified workers,” said Kristen Duever, VP of Public Affairs at the London Chamber of Commerce. “This could include measures such as recognizing foreign credentials and providing training opportunities for the underemployed.”