• Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act vs. Open for Business Act: What's Really Changed?

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    November 01, 2018
    There has been a lot of coverage from the media and from other sources about the recent changes to Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. If you were to read only the headlines and social media posts, you might be led to believe that the entire act has been scrapped. But this is simply not true.

    The new provincial government has introduced Bill 47 or the Open for Business Act and while some provisions of Bill 148 have been changed or repealed, several others have stayed in place.

    For its part, the London Chamber of Commerce was vocally opposed to the rapid implementation of the original Bill 148 stating that it was too much, too soon and because it was implemented without any meaningful consultations with the business community. The Wynne Government argued that large corporations should have been able to absorb the added costs of Bill 148 without too much hardship (a near 32% increase to minimum wage over 18 months as well as a long list of other added costs) but this was simply not the case for many smaller businesses that were operating on tighter budgets and very thin margins. 

    The new Bill 47 has delayed further increases to minimum wage by one year, giving the business community more time to budget and plan – perhaps even saving a few jobs in the process.

    There are several parts of the original Bill 148 that are staying firmly in place. These include:
    • Extended parental leave.
    • Domestic and sexual violence leave.
    • Child disappearance and death.
    • Minimum shift pay.
    • Overtime pay.
    • Family medical leave.
    The following charts give a good overview of what will be changing and what will be remaining the same.

    Details of Changed and Repealed Items:

    Details of Unchanged Items: