• Emission Reduction Guide for London Businesses

    The London Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Green Economy London, have created an infographic tool to be used by businesses in order to better understand the actions that they can take to reduce their carbon footprint. This follows the publishing of the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) draft produced by the City ahead of its discussion in council. The CEAP is created to explain where the city is at in terms of climate action as well as how we will reach the goals that are outlined in the plan. The infographic serves as a summary of some of the actions that can be taken by different business sectors in order to reduce their carbon footprint and also details the potential savings that result. The document also includes additional resources for further events as well as links to grants and funding programs for businesses that are interested in retrofits and upgrades. The city also took comments and feedback from the community on April 5th and will take those into consideration before gaining final approval by council on April 12th. By following the recommendations proposed by this infographic, as well as those in the CEAP, London will become a healthier and more welcoming city for both individuals and businesses.
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