• Membership Sales & Service

  • CHAIR:                                                  Lori French

    VICE CHAIR:                                        Gary Danner

    DIRECTOR LIAISON:                          Twee Brown


    STAFF LIAISON:                                 Janie Rother, Gerry Macartney

    MEETINGS:                                         First Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m.



    1.    Re-visit the “networking” benefits in the “Value Proposition” booklet to articulate the value of networking offered via Chamber membership through a restructured communications plan - Strategic Objective #1.

    2.    Provide relevant information, services and programs that support the success of our membership and promotes membership into the Chamber in the Business community. Develop a strategy to have members feature the Chamber logo on their website when their membership is initiated or renewed - Strategic Objective #4.

    Strategic Priorities:

    1. Through a broader understanding of the sectoral and ethnic based makeup of London’s business community, seek opportunities to expand/retain membership as per Priorities - Strategic Objective #1.

    2. Review/analyze current sales efforts to ensure expected uptake and ROI prior to implementation of new strategies. Work with Marketing & Communications Committee to articulate the value of Networking provided through Chamber membership for the Value Proposition booklet – Priorities, Strategic Objective #1.

    3. With the assistance from Marketing/Communications Committee, design a strategy for members to value featuring the Chamber Logo in their business (website, stationary, vehicles, etc.) Strategic Objective #4.

    4. Working with the Marketing/Communications Committee to develop a one page “Victory” sheet that boasts accomplishments – Priorities, Strategic Objective #4

    5. Review all affinity offerings; assist Marketing/Communications to build into marketing materials.

    6. Provide guidance and mentorship to new members to accelerate their involvement in the Chamber.

    Program Plan:


    1. Continue to identify and target London businesses that are not presently members.

    2. Track success of new memberships resulting from the Board’s recruitment efforts.

    3. Do an annual content review of all membership sales materials including brochures, applications and rate cards, flyers, web presence, on-line tools etc. (marketing and branding to fall under Marketing and Communications Committee) to ensure a positive value proposition for membership.


    4. Plan, organize, and host Discover Your Chamber events, evaluate success and make adjustments as required to ensure effectiveness.

    5. Work with Marketing & Communication Committee to do a member survey to ensure our various member benefits are of value, competitive and in keeping with the core values of the Chamber.

    6. Analyze and act on the findings of member surveys that relate to membership.