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    If you wish to speak to a Chamber representative about the benefits of membership or about our rates, please contact our membership coordinator at (519) 432-7551 ext. 34.

    In the online Member Directory available on this website, member firms are catalogued by primary category only.

    All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Save time filling out the form and take advantage of our same as address field boxes. Applicants must also sign and submit the Membership Code of Conduct prior to their application being approved.
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  • Membership Fee Schedule

    Fee Class # Employees # Reps Base Rate HST Admin Fee Total 1st Year Fees Tax incl. Monthly PAP Plan
    A 1-5 1 398 51.74 50 499.74 38
    B 6-10 2 525 68.25 50 643.25 50
    C 11-25 3 710 92.30 50 852.30 67
    D 26-50 4 835 108.55 50 993.55 79
    F 51-100 5 995 129.35 50 1174.35 94
    G 101-200 6 1095 142.35 50 1287.35 104
    H 201-500 10 2265 294.45 50 2609.45 214
    I 501-1000 20 3915 508.95 50 4473.95 369
    J 1001-2000 22 5215 677.95 50 5942.95 491
    K 2001 + 24 6215 807.95 50 7072.95 585
    X NPO 2 398 51.74 50 499.74 38
    Y ADD'L MEM 1 199.11 25.89 0 225.00 19

    About Membership Fees

    Corporate Membership Fees are based on the size of the company which is determined by the number of full time employees located in , or working from its London office. Membership Fees are deductible as a business expense for income tax purposes.

    Membership fees at all levels have a base fee that includes an annual Ontario Chamber Affiliation fee. Membership dues are taxable. In the first year of membership there is a $50 Administration fee.

    Code of Conduct

    As a Corporate/Individual member of The London Chamber of Commerce, I/we recognize that membership is a privilege and brings with it the responsibility to assure that I/we also understand and fulfill the membership undertaking.

    Accordingly, I/we shall undertake to:

    1. Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honourably on London’s business community.
    2. Respect the reputation, profile and status of the Chamber of Commerce and represent the Chamber accordingly.
    3. Understand, support and promote the Missions and Goals of the Chamber of Commerce.
    4. Participate in Chamber committees, task forces, functions and activities of the Chamber of Commerce and where possible, lend my/our business and professional experience.
    5. Play a role in promotion, development and enhancement of business growth and activities within London and surrounding areas.

    And, I/we understand that failure to comply with the professional obligations of the Chamber of Commerce as outlined and as defined in Article V, Membership, Item 5.04 in the London Chamber of Commerce By-laws, can result in termination of membership. Please enter this application for membership in the London Chamber of Commerce. If this application, accompanied by payment in full for the first year’s fees or appropriate down payment if using the Pre-authorized payment plan is accepted by the Board of Directors, the applicant agrees to pay annually membership fees until resignation in writing has been received. All corporate members are responsible for the charges incurred by their designated representatives. Membership Fees (Dues) are non-refundable.

    Budget Billing Plan (Pre-Authorized Payment Plan)

    The monthly BBP amount will be the annual base fee and taxes divided into 12 monthly installments. Upon joining the Chamber, a deposit of one month's dues plus the $50.00 Administration Fee must accompany your application. The BBP option is for payment of membership fees only. To enroll in this service, you will be required to complete an authorization form, and provide credit card or banking information. Contact the Chamber office by phone after submitting the membership application form to arrange your payment method.

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