• I'm Here Cards

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  • Introducing I’m Here Cards!

    The London Chamber of Commerce was looking for a simple way to help Chamber members express their appreciation for other Chamber members.

    Enter the “I’m Here” card.

    I’m Here is a business card that Chamber members can use to let other Chamber members know that they have patronized their business. It’s also a tool they can use to help social media exposure to other Chamber members.

    How to Use the I’m Here Card

    Old School Method

    Simply leave the I’m Here business card at another Chamber member’s place of business. That’s it! It’s an easy way for you to let other Chamber members know you have visited their business.

    Social Media Method

    If you are a Facebook Fanatic or Insane for Instagram, you can still leave a card behind but be sure to take a photo of the card, and post it to your favourite social media platform. Don’t forget to tag the London Chamber of Commerce as well as the business you are visiting!

    Let’s see if we can spread some Chamber love!


    I’m Here Card Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get some I’m Here cards?

    You may pick up some cards at The London Chamber of Commerce Meeting Centre at 244 Pall Mall Street, or at the next Business After Five. Additionally, if you receive an I’m Here card from another member, we encourage you to pass it on!

    How do I know if a business is a Chamber member?

    The easiest way to know if a business is a Chamber member is to check our online directory here. Many businesses also prominently display their London Chamber of Commerce plaque or window decal.

    How can I increase my company’s chance of getting an I’m Here card?

    Well first and foremost, you should be a member of the London Chamber of Commerce. Secondly, you need to make sure others know you are a member. You can do this by displaying your Chamber plaque or window decal in your place of business. You can also include the Chamber logo on your website and other marketing materials. For instructions on how to use the Chamber logo, click here.