• Amazing Grazing

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  • Date: October 8th 2015 at the Agriplex

    "Utilizing all 5 senses, urban and rural people from Southwestern Ontario will be educated and gain a better understanding of the benefits of local food, agriculture and agri business, so that this sector's importance remains top of mind for everyone involved."

  • This event is a food show with a twist. The London Chamber of Commerce and Western Fair District realize the strengths of working with agriculture and agri-business by connecting to the consumer and highlighting the job opportunities within the sector.

    Marketing Boards from across the province are being asked to be exhibitors. They will be asked to provide a sample of their product to be tasted by the event attendees, along with the recipe of what is being served, so that they can purchase their product and make it at home.

    To make the event interactive the attendees will be asked to vote for their favourite recipe.

    The twist to Amazing Grazing is that there will be an educational awareness component, placed beside each booth. It will be a "menu" of sorts which will include:

    ~ jobs that are available in getting their product from the farm to the consumer's fork.

    [Examples include vet, farm manager, accountant, transport truck driver, processing plant workers, retail store manager, banker]

    ~ the skills needed for these jobs and the education required.

    ~ as well there will be "did you know" type facts such as:

    ~ 1 in 9 jobs in Ontario are in the Agri-food sector

    ~ 3 jobs exist for every agriculture graduate with a bachelor's degree

    About our guest speakers:

    The first presentation will be by MPP Ernie Hardeman who is the former Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister followed by local celebrity and slow food expert, Melanie Doeksen, a red sealed chef and culinary professor at Fanshawe College

    Exhibitors & Sponsorship

    Display spaces are 10ft by 10ft and include a banquet-sized table, power, drapery & Wi-Fi.

    Prices will to be advised. Please stay tuned.

    To inquire about sponsorship, please email Janie Rother at janie@londonchamber.com or call 519-432-7551 x34.



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