• Membership Services

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  • CHAIR Christine Poier
    VICE CHAIR Kathleen Holland, Gary Danner
    DIRECTOR LIAISONS Melissa Maloney, Dipesh Parmar
    VICE-PRESIDENT Barry Cleaver
    STAFF LIAISON Janie Rother, Gerry MacCartney
    MEETING TIMES First Friday of the month at 8:30 am


    1. The committee’s primary objective is to develop programs and opportunities that support the value proposition the Chamber provides to its members through two streams that are central to the Chamber’s success and sustainability – Networking & Member Attraction and Retention (sales & service).
    2. In conjunction with identified elements of Strategic Plan Objectives #1 and #4, the Committee will support the Chamber’s efforts in adding value to the membership by acting as the main source developer/organizer of all networking events/opportunities (excludes major annual events and political keynote opportunities) as well as providing relevant information, services and programs that support the success of our membership and promotes membership into the Chamber.

    Program Plan:

    Networking stream: (Co-chaired by Gary Danner)

    1. Continue to plan/organize/host all Business after Five events.   
    2. Plan, organize & host A Suite of networking events based on past performance and uptake, including Super Speed Networking, Networking 2.0, monthly Business After Five events and a new event to help our members learn the in’s & outs of being a good exhibitor.
    3. Plan/organize/host 2 annual MEGA Business After Five events; one in the spring and one in the fall.
    4. Monitor any new proposed events or learning opportunities and report recommendations and revenue opportunities to the Sr. Administration and the Board.
    5. Populate a Chamber booth where appropriate, to feature products and services as well as a calendar of future events.

    Sales/Service Stream. (Co-chaired by Kathleen Holland)

    1. Continue to identify and target London businesses that are not presently members and where possible participate in organized visits to prospective new member’s sites.
    2. Plan/organize/host all Discover Your Chamber events to welcome new members {4 per year}.
    3. Liaise with the Director of Marketing and Communications (DMC) in the promotion of all events to ensure brand continuity.  This includes social media.
    4. Annually review/audit Chamber Sales material to ensure relevance and currency – report edits or concerns to DMC.
    5. Liaise with the DMC regarding input for member surveys to ensure program & benefit offerings are of value, competitive, applicable to their sector and are in keeping with the core values of the Chamber of Commerce Priorities per Strategic Objectives #1 and #4.
    6. Committee members to act as shepherds or guides for new(er) members at networking events to ensure proper integration and comfort level is achieved.
    7. Review all affinity offerings – analyse/compare and make written recommendations to the Board if supportable.
    8. Strategically capture testimonials from members that can be used to further promote new member sales.  Use various chamber media platforms, including social media, the website, The Connections newsletter and “The Voice” as well as the various print publications. Work with the Marketing & Communications Committee to plan and co-ordinate this initiative.
    9. Look for new opportunities to promote/celebrate member & non-member Grand Openings, anniversaries, mergers, etc., where The Chamber brand can be added to the festivities. {I.E. Golden scissors, gold shovel, etc.}.
    10. Enhance member & networking experiences through low-cost/no-cost initiatives such as
      “I’m Here cards”, “I am a Member Because” chalk board, etc.