• Marketing & Communications

  • CHAIR:                                                Sarah Carruthers

    VICE CHAIR:                                       Elyse Michaud

    DIRECTOR LIAISON:                          Twee Brown, Jill Wilcox

    VICE-PRESIDENT:                              Courtney Hance

    STAFF LIAISON:                                 Kristen Duever, Gerry Macartney

    MEETINGS:                                         Third Thursday of every other month at 8:30 am (except Dec & Mar)



    1. Increase and broaden the Chamber’s audience as per strategic objectives 1 and 4.

    2. Continue to actively position the Chamber as valuable, innovative and inclusive to London businesses as per strategic objectives 1 and 4.


    Strategic Priorities:

    1. Review and periodically revise as necessary the London Chamber of Commerce’s communications/marketing efforts so that they remain current and continue to achieve its primary goal of strengthening the Chamber’s brand.

    2. Review and periodically revise as necessary the Chamber’s communications and develop a communications plan and content strategy.

    3. Continue to dove-tail our efforts with those of the CCC and OCC Communications Teams.


    Program Plan:

    1. Articulate value of the “Network” and “Networking” through re-structured communications plan including social media.(as per strategic objective #1)

    2. Oversee LCOC member surveys as necessary, including one survey to solicit testimonials on the value of networking through the Chamber (as per strategic objective #1)

    3. Continue to celebrate Chamber members achievements through our #successin140 initiative (as per strategic objective #4)

    4. Maintain and update the Chamber “Victory Sheet” and identify ways to use it as an effective marketing tool. (as per strategic objective #4)

    5. Design and implement a strategy to encourage more Chamber members to feature the LCOC logo on their websites/stationary/premises.(as per strategic objective #4)

    6. Continue to enhance the use of new technologies for events/seminars/keynotes. (Eg. Explore other opportunities for live streaming and social media at events; continue to track analytics and make recommendations based on them) (as per strategic objective #4).