• Marketing & Communications

  • marketing is all about being creative
  • CHAIR:                    

    Derek Lamareaux

    VICE CHAIR:                                       



    Steve Levschuk


    James Whittaker


    Kristen Duever, Gerry Macartney


    Third Thursday of every other month at 8:30 am


  • Objectives:

    1. Increase and broaden the Chamber’s audience as per strategic objectives 1 and 4.

    2. Continue to actively position the Chamber as valuable, innovative and inclusive to London businesses as per strategic objectives 1 and 4.

    Strategic Priorities:

    Review and periodically revise as necessary the London Chamber of Commerce’s marketing and communications efforts, including maintaining communications and tactical plans, so that they remain current, align with the Chamber’s strategic plan and continue to achieve the following goals:

    1. Increase membership
    2. Interact with and engage membership (all segments)
    3.  Strengthen the Chamber brand


    Program Plan:

    1. Continue to enhance SEO, brand representation, member and community engagement, as well as the Chamber’s value proposition to support strategic objective 4 through:
    • Two semi-annual reports to chamber board.
    • Driving content and design improvements for digital platforms and promotional tools.
    1. Continue to implement a strategy to encourage more Chamber members to feature the Chamber logo on their websites, stationary, premises, and other channels. (Sept – Oct)(as per strategic objective #4)
    2. Oversee Chamber member surveys as necessary. (Nov – Dec) (as per strategic objective #1)
    3. Continue to develop strategies to acquire or build sharable content that supports Chamber priorities (Dec-Mar) under strategic objective #1, #3 and #4 including by not limited to:
      • Member success stories. (#BAA2019, #LCOCSummit2019, #BizWinLdn)
      • Value of Chamber membership through business networking.
      • Advocacy.
    4. Review and revise as necessary the Chamber’s Communication plan and content strategy, including related marketing materials, to ensure alignment with the Chambers’ Strategic Plan.  (Apr – May)