• Global Business Opportunities

  • CHAIR:                                              Blair Poetschke

    VICE CHAIR:                                     Grant Hopcroft

    DIRECTOR LIAISONS:                     Bill Boyce, Laurie Lashbrook, Shane Kennedy

    VICE-PRESIDENT:                            Barry Cleaver

    STAFF LIAISON:                               Kristen Duever, Gerry Macartney

    MEETINGS:                                       Third Wednesday of the month at 8:00 a.m.


    GBOC will be the portal through which the London Chamber of Commerce facilitates, promotes and celebrates international trade by and for London and Region enterprises.



    1. Continue to work toward Objective #2 of the LCOC Strat Plan: To be the leader in developing global business initiatives with existing and new partners.
    2. Develop a series of programs and initiatives that better align with GBOC’s new mandate.
    3. Working with regional, provincial and federal trade stakeholders, develop a plan which allows GBOC to piggy-back on external trade initiatives of these senior stakeholders.

    Program Plan:


    1. Continue to align GBOC’s strategic geographic direction on international partnerships with the LEDC’s strategic direction for FDI attraction and industry growth promotion.  Liaise with the LEDC’s assigned member(s) to GBOC to ensure the two strategies remain closely aligned with a greater focus on our own sectoral strengths verses specific ties with cities in targeted geographic regions and determine how we might assist LEDC in fulfilling their mandate through strategies such as connecting them with other chambers of commerce in their target markets. (as per objective 1)
    2. Monitor trade and export related legislation, regulations policies and trade agreements (eg. NAFTA, CETA and TPP) to determine impacts and or benefits to our members and the wider business community in our region. Where appropriate, host information workshops to help members and others be better informed of any changes or compliance issues associated with changes to legislation, regulation and or policies. (as per objectives 1 and 2)
    3. Where trade and export related legislation, regulations and policies have been determined to impose on the profitability and or productivity of businesses in our region or across the country, request that the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee consider developing a policy resolution to address such issues. (as per objective 1 and 2)
    4. Work to support efforts of the CCC/OCC and the Federal/Provincial Governments in developing new export market development programs for SMEs. (as per objective 1 and 3)
    5. In keeping with GBOC’s 3 objectives, invite experts to present to GBOC on topics where there is a direct relationship to the mandate and objectives of GBOC’s Business Plan. The Committee will plan to have at least three such presentations. In particular, the committee will invite CEO Jay Meyers of the Next Generation Manufacturers to deliver a presentation. (as per objective 1 and 2)
    6. Continue to secure representation from each of the following institutions where expertise and/or experience aligns with new GBOC mandate: Western University, the Richard Ivey Business School, King’s University College, the LEDC, Fanshawe College, EDC, Global Affairs Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and other community based organizations. In particular, continue to participate and support Fanshawe’s initiative of holding periodic “Trade Ready Roundtable” meetings with local and regional exporters to discuss best practices and opportunities and continue to engage EDC, Global Affairs Canada and related Ontario Ministries in such meetings and discussions. (as per objectives 1, 2 and 3)
    7. In keeping with GBOC’s new mandate and by utilizing pre-existing templates determine when or if the Chamber will host or participate in foreign delegation visitations. (as per objectives 1 and 3).
    8. GBOC will continue to champion the celebration of the Beyond Borders Award (as per objective 1)
    9. Once a year, host a regional huddle with other Chambers in immediate marketplace to discuss implications of GBOC’s mandate on international trade in Southwestern Ontario. (as per objective 1)
    10. GBOC will engage various sectors of the business community to encourage them to participate in international trade. As part of this effort, each member of the GBOC committee will, over the course of our fiscal year, invite a business representative from these sectors to attend a GBOC meeting as a guest.
    11. Explore the availability of data from allied organizations such as the LEDC and EDC on how well (or not) London companies have expanded into global markets.(as per objective 1 and 2)
    12. Identify existing or emerging women led/run businesses in London and area and invite them to play a more active role in GBOC activities and to also determine what government programs or services are available to them. (as per objective 1 and 2)
    13. Develop programs in which successful London and area exporters can share best practices. (as per objective 1 and 2)