• Global Business Opportunities

  • CHAIR:                                              Robert Harold

    VICE CHAIR:                                     Grant Hopcroft

    DIRECTOR LIAISONS:                      Bill Boyce, Twee Brown, Laurie Lashbrook

    VICE-PRESIDENT:                            Vijai Lakshmikanthan

    STAFF LIAISON:                               Kristen Duever, Gerry Macartney

    MEETINGS:                                       Third Wednesday of the month at 8:00 a.m.


    To facilitate export and foreign investment opportunities for local and regional businesses, and to encourage foreign direct investment in the City of London and region. These objectives will be achieved primarily by:


    1. Maintaining a diverse Committee membership representing a broad cross-section of local and regional, private and public sector stakeholders;

    2. Creating and maintaining local, regional, provincial, national, and foreign partner contacts and relationships.


      The following program plan items are in alignment with LCOC Strategic Objectives 2 and 4)


    Program Plan:

    1. Continue to align GBOC’s strategic geographic direction on international partnerships with the LEDC’s strategic direction for FDI attraction and industry growth promotion.  Liaise with the LEDC’s assigned member(s) to GBOC to ensure the two strategies remain closely aligned with a greater focus on our own sectoral strengths verses specific ties with cities in targeted geographic regions.


    1. Monitor trade and export related legislation, regulations and policies to determine impacts and or benefits to our members and the wider business community in our region. Where appropriate, host information workshops to help members and others be better informed of any changes or compliance issues associated with changes to legislation, regulation and or policies.


    1. Where trade and export related legislation, regulations and policies have been determined to impose on the profitability and or productivity of businesses in our region or across the country, request that the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee consider developing a policy resolution to address such issues.


    1. Work to enhance efforts of the CCC/OCC and the Federal/Provincial Governments in developing new export market development programs for SMEs & added budgetary funding for Global Affairs Canada and the Provincial Trade Ministry.


    1. Maintain LinkedIn Group communications platform in collaboration with SLGBOC. This platform will “link in” all members and partners. Operate under the terms of reference as previously submitted and in keeping with the Chamber’s policies on “Confidentiality” and “Spokesperson” as per LCOC by-laws. More focus will be added this year to populating the site with more informative content.


    1. Invite outside parties/guest to present to GBOC on topics where there is a direct relationship to the mandate and objectives of GBOC’s Business Plan. The Committee will plan to have at least three such presentations during the fiscal period commencing in September 2017.


    1. Continue to foster our relationship with Western University (specifically Richard Ivey Business School and King’s University College), LEDC, Fanshawe, EDC, Global Affairs Canada and Ontario Ministry of Economic Development. In particular, continue to participate and support Fanshawe’s initiative of holding periodic “Trade Ready Roundtable” meetings with local and regional exporters to discuss best practices and opportunities and continue to engage EDC, Global Affairs and related Ontario Ministries in such meetings and discussions.


    1. Participate as required in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sister City relationship with Nanjing. Reciprocity will be based on responses received from Nanjing officials based on letter of invitation to them from the Mayor of London.


    1. Re-visit existing MOUs with partners in China to ensure currency/relevancy and likelihood of ROI between 2017-18. Again, refocus on key sectoral opportunities vs. city-specific relationships


    1. Consider MOU with India based on new and evolving global reality - to include business case with established ROI.


    1. Explore opportunities to celebrate excellence in exporting to the wider business community through, but not limited to, the Chamber’s annual Business Achievement Awards.


    Performance Measurements:


    1. Annual review of Net Export Outputs year over year as provide by Stats/Can, LEDC/EDC
    2. Annual review of Net incoming FDI based on stats from LEDC/Stats/Can etc.
    3. External guest presentations on mandate/objectives of Business Plan - (3/year)
    4. Number of MOU’s (2) (New or renewed)
    5. Trade Ready Roundtables (2/year)
    6. Number of Trade Related  Legislative Watch reports and/or seminars – (2/year)
    7. Number of LinkedIn posts (2/week)
    8. Nanjing meeting participation (pending Nanjing response)