• Agri-Business

  • agriculture
  • CHAIR:                    

    Cara Finn

    VICE CHAIR:                                       

    Joan Cardiff


    Geoff Clarke


    Barry Cleaver


    Janie Rother, Gerry Macartney


    Second Tuesday of the month at 8:30 am

  • Objectives:

    1. To develop awareness programs that support the region’s vast agri-business sector as per Strategic Objectives #4.
    2. To support and enhance agricultural economic development activity through designated agencies and organization by use of Chamber communications, networking opportunities, any advocacy efforts and promotion.
    3. To support Strategic Objective #1 “To be the Premier Networking Organization for Business” through initiatives such as Agri-Net, Farm Tours and Committee hosted events.

    Strategic Priorities:

    1. Establish priorities once per year on the pressing issues in the agriculture and agri-food industry,relevant to LCOC membership. Refer issues to the Government Affairs Committee on such topics as employment laws and code changes, updates on current tax laws, farm programs/government development programs/human resources programs and laws, packaging, recycling requirements for processors etc.
    2. Stay abreast of policies and issues brought forward by the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce of concern to the agriculture and agri-food industry in our region.
    3. Create public awareness on value and contribution of agriculture to our economy & provide items dealing with Ag in the News to chamber communications as relevant.

    Program Plan:

    1. Engage targeted Ag sector organizations for expertise and committee membership.
    2. Encourage businesses with export potential to work with the GBOC, as per Objective #2
    3. Work with public officials for better understanding of the unique needs of agricultural i.e. equipment, transportation, reliable fresh water supply, dust, odor control etc.
    4. Create public awareness, i.e. Local food, London/Middlesex agriculture employment impact, environmental stewardship, Ag’s commitment to safe, quality and wholesome products.
    5. Host annual Ag Awareness event – Agri Net, in the fall of 2019. {date to be confirmed}
    6. Host an annual Fall Agri Business Tour in the region, so non-Ag members/media & government can gain a better awareness.
    7. Host at two meetings per year, which will include relevant guest speakers who can provide expertise on issues of concern to the wider business community. One should be focused on committee only and one for general chamber membership.
    8. Continue to work with LEDC and other stakeholders, to enhance Ag as a key sector for development.